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Featured Product:
Faceless Recognition

Recognize a person in situations when face recognition fails: the face is occluded, or the person is viewed from the back. Instead of the face, use general appearance and clothes. Faceless recognition, a.k.a person re-identification, is an emerging technology in AI video analytics.

Face Recognition in the Wild

We provide wild face recognition, working with extreme pose variations. With our system, the face does not need to be frontal to the video camera, as in real-world surveillance situations.

Abnormal Event Detection

Suspicious events happen rarely on closed-circuit television. They are hard to spot by humans, who have short attention span. AI can help, because computers never sleep!

And more!

We also provide video summary, person counting, license plate recognition, traffic counting and vehicle recognition, and more! Get in touch!


Hi, I am Mostapha, founder of Mindolia. I am a specialist of Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and their applications to video processing. I am an organizer of the Kiev deep learning meetup. I got a PhD in mathematics from the University of Paris 13, and I am an alumni of the Ecole Normale Superieure. I am a single founder, but if your project requires more talent, I can scale up my staff on-demand.

Mostapha Benhenda CEO and Founder @ Mindolia

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